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Not many property owners have heard about “chimney pointing” services, and it is a surprisingly common question asked of our chimney professionals. It is easy to look at a masonry chimney and see a towering structure made from a durable material that seems strong enough to last forever. However, all chimneys are prone to wear and tear, and masonry wears down like every other material.

A chimney that has not had maintenance in a few years might see several structural issues, including:

  • Chips or cracks
  • Discoloration
  • Structural shifts
  • General deterioration

Thankfully, there are effective ways to combat these effects with affordable chimney pointing services from Middletown Chimney Repair. If your chimney needs some attention in Monmouth County, our team is one of the most reliable choices in town.

What is Chimney Pointing?

Chimney pointing is a restorative service. Our tasks involve enhancing masonry chimneys’ strength and restoring their visual appeal after long years in the sun, wind, and rain or snow. It can be a lengthy, detail-oriented process. Our technicians carefully remove the damaged or deteriorating mortar and joints and replace each part with a new one. 

The average mortar chimney will last between 20 and 30 years before needing this kind of maintenance. However, several factors may wear a chimney quicker, including:

  • Repeated exposure to the elements
  • Positioning on the roof
  • The time since the last chimney pointing

Proper chimney pointing takes some skill, as the new mortar must blend perfectly with the original structure’s material and texture to give it a more vibrant color.

Professional Pointing for Chimneys

A well-maintained chimney preserves the structural safety of the building with ease. However, chipped bricks and other damages are not only an eyesore but quickly lead to deterioration. Without repair, this chipping and cracking could lead to the collapse of the chimney, an expensive and time-consuming replacement project. 

Instead of waiting for the worst-case scenario, why not contact Monmouth County’s chimney pointing experts from Middletown Chimney Repair? It is a delicate job, but our highly skilled and trained technicians have ample experience to do it right the first time. Our team commits to making safety a top priority, and we will never leave you with a subpar product or shoddy workmanship.

If you want a structurally sound chimney that can safeguard your property for years to come, Middletown Chimney Repair’s services are some of the best in Middletown Township and the surrounding areas.

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Chimney deterioration can be serious, and it is best to call us as soon as you notice any issues. Whether you need a safety check or an aesthetic overhaul, Middletown Chimney Repair’s talented team is the right choice. Rest assured, we treat each project as carefully as we would with our own homes, with trustworthy results and amazing customer services to match them.

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